North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc.
North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc.


North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc. is a self-performing construction contractor with capabilities in the following areas:


  • Storm Drain Systems
  • Water Systems including Recycled Waterlines
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems including Leach Fields, Forcemains and Lift Stations
  • Site Work including Wet and Dry Utility Infrastructure


  • Site Work including Grading and Paving
  • Erosion & Flood Control including Stormwater Basins
  • Levees, Landslides, Dams
  • Aquatic Organism Passages and Culverts
  • Roadwork including Paving and Pavement Restoration
  • Concrete including Structural and Flatwork
  • Environmental Remediation

Building Construction

  • New Buildings, Additions
  • Tenant Improvements
  • HVAC, Electrical & Mechanical Repairs
  • Roofing & Demolition
  • Rehab- Historical Buildings
  • High Security Buildings


  • Horizontal- Levees, Landslides, Roads, AOPs, Drainage Systems, Culverts
  • Vertical- Renovations and New Construction

Specialty Areas

  • Anti-Terrorism Protection
  • Landslides Repair
  • UXO Remediation
  • Slurry Cutoff Wall Construction
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