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Earthwork Projects

Earthwork Capabilities Include:

  • Site Work including Grading and Paving
  • Erosion & Flood Control including Stormwater Basins
  • Levees, Landslides, Dams
  • Aquatic Organism Passages and Culverts
  • Roadwork including Paving and Pavement Restoration
  • Concrete including Structural and Flatwork
  • Environmental Remediation


Prado Dam New Levee Construction

US Army Corps of Engineers-  LA District


- 250,000 CY of subgrade and ponding area excavation

- 500,000 CY of embankment fill

- 25,000 TN of RipRap Slope Protection

- Two large concrete box culverts and concrete V-ditch


Job Order Contract - Sacramento County 

Sacramento International Airport


Demolition, removal, and replacement of approximately 34,000 SF of 20” base course of existing asphalt  with concrete on the tarmac at Sacramento International Airport

Beale Air Force Base

Emergency Remediation Site


- The  emergency removal and disposal of contaminated soils at a plane crash site

- Project completed iwithin 2 weeks

Dark Day Hazard Erosion Control and Drainage Project

USDA Forest Service


- 3,000 CY of Earthwork/Embankment to Repair Damaged Slope

- 350 LF of 36" Corrugated Metal Pipe to Convey Water Down Slope


Napa Levee Repair- Contract 1A & 1B

US Army Corps of Engineers- Sacramento District


- Construction of Keyway Trench

- Installation of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Matting

- Repaired 1,850 LF of Bike Trail


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