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North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc.

Earthwork Projects

Earthwork Capabilities Include:

  • Site Work including Grading and Paving
  • Erosion & Flood Control including Stormwater Basins
  • Levees, Landslides, Dams
  • Aquatic Organism Passages and Culverts
  • Roadwork including Paving and Pavement Restoration
  • Concrete including Structural and Flatwork
  • Environmental Remediation


Nevada Beach Campground BMP Retrofit

USDA Forest Service


- Pulverized Existing Asphalt in Place and Repaved Campground

- Realigned Campsite Spurs

- Replaced 1,100 Wood Bollards

- Removed 90 Trees


Napa Levee Repair- Contract 1A & 1B

US Army Corps of Engineers- Sacramento District


- Construction of Keyway Trench

- Installation of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Matting

- Repaired 1,850 LF of Bike Trail


Dark Day Hazard Erosion Control and Drainage Project

USDA Forest Service


- 3,000 CY of Earthwork/Embankment to Repair Damaged Slope

- 350 LF of 36" Corrugated Metal Pipe to Convey Water Down Slope


Job Order Contracting

Sacramento County- Department of Transportation


- Installation of Speed Bumps, Speed Tables and Round-Abouts

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