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North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc.

Specialty Projects

Specialty Capabilities Include:

  • Anti-Terrorism Protection including High Security Areas such as Radar, Telecommunications, and Missile Facilities
  • Landslides, Dams, Waterways
  • Levees, Flood Control
  • Environmental Consulting and Industrial Hygiene Services for the Identifcation, Abatement and Management of Regulated Hazardous Material, Indoor Air Quality, Soil and Groundwater Contamination
  • Alternative Energy Resources

Arlington Area 51 Switchyard Repairs



- Switchyard Ground System Testing

- Replace Security Fencing

- Concrete Curbing

- Signage

- Vegetation Removal

- Exterior Fence Walkway Construction

- Repair Existing Control House


Repair PAVE PAWS Perimeter Lighting System and Security Upgrades

US Air Force- Beale Air Force Base


- Repaired Existing Perimeter Lighting System including New Poles, Fixtures and Associated Electrical

- All Work Met Anti Terrorism Force Protection Standards

- Installed New Camera System

Emergency Rockslide Repair at Eastman Lake

US Army Corps of Engineers- Sacramento District


- Mechanical Scaling of 51,000 SF of Rock Wall

- Installation of Wire Mesh Anchored with 800 Post-Tentioned SuperRockBoltsTM

Repair Small Arms Range

US Air Force- Beale Air Force Base


- Design/Build Project for Repair of Primary Backstop at the Small Arms Training Range

- Erosion Control Measures Placed to Aid Stability to Earth Berm

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